Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our New Car

We bought a new car on Saturday. We have been casually looking for a new used car for the last couple of months, but nothing looked good, until we found this one on craigslist. It's a Mazda Tribute 2002. It has way more trunk space compared to our Accord, and it can fit a double stroller. Plus, our poor good old Honda is not worth much and if anything major breaks, it will not be worth fixing. Another nice thing about having 2 cars is a sense of security I have that if anything happens to the kiddos, I can rush to the hospital. I still walk a lot, and try not driving around much unless absolutely necessary, especially with todays gas prices (it's about $3.50 for the lowest grade here). Anyway, I love our new car.

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Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Wow Masha, Nice ride!! I think I saw you driving today down sepulveda seriously!