Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Jeff turned big 29 yesterday. He did go to work, even though his company does give him a day off for his birthday. I guess you can take that day off within a month of the birthday, so if you know Jeff well enough you wouldn't be surprised to learn that he decided to take this Thursday off, and also additionally Friday, so he can watch all college basketball action he can over the weekend. I am pretty excited about having Jeff home for the next four days.
As it is next toimpossible to go out to eat with Andre nowadays due to behavioral issues, Jeff gotto request anything for his birthday dinner. So here's what he asked for - chicken Kiev (котлеты по-киевски), asparagus, rice, and chocolate cake. I must say the dinner turned out quite tasty.
Here are some pictures of it and the birthday boy:

I must say I am pretty embarrassed to admit it, but even being from Kiev I have never made chicken kiev in my life. I think it turned out pretty close to what I remember it to be.

I made this huge 3-tier chocolate cake with chocolate sour-cream frosting. I am not a big cake person, but this one was quite tasty. I made Jeff take half of it to work today, so it wouldn't go to waste because of the size.
Andre really liked the candles on the cake and helped Jeff blow them out. He also tried to help Jeff lick the frosting off the candles, but just happened to eat some of the wax as well. oops!

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Was parsley on sale or something?