Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Packing Peanuts

Wow, 4 posts in a day! That must be a record! Is our life exciting, or what?

Yesterday Jeff received a package from his parents for his birthday. When he opened it, Andre was already in bed, and not a thought crossed our minds about disposing of the box it came in filled to the top with packing peanuts. What were we thinking? Did we just forget that we have a toddler with mischief on his mind 24/7? So yes, it only took less than a minute of me being busy in the kitchen, to come into the living room and discover this:

Thanks Andre to adding just another chore to Mom's endless list!
Wait, is that a face or remorse?
Oh no, he decided that it would be fun to shower me with the peanuts.

Oh yeah, by the way the second of Andre's mischief turned into half an hour chore for me. Thanks sweetie :)

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