Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Little Big Triumph!

As of Thursday night, Andre sleeps in his toddler bed. We have been trying to get him to do just that for about a month now. We would put him into his toddler bed, tuck him in, sing a short lullaby, leave and shut the door. Every time Andre would get up as many times as we would put him back in. He would go up to the door and keep knocking and calling "Mama!" or "Papa!" until one of us would come and get him. After about 10 times of us putting him back into his bed he would start crying, and that's when we would give up and put him into his crib, upon which he would fall asleep in the matter of seconds.

At one point a couple of weeks ago we thought we succeeded and won our fight, as no noise was coming out of Andre's room. Upon waiting 20-30 minutes to make sure he was in deep sleep, I went back there to check on him and to my surprise - Andre wasn't to be found in his toddler bed! The little stinker managed to climb from his toddler bed, onto the table that separates it from the crib, he then climbed over the railing, and I guess happily went to sleep in his crib. I guess he really did not want to give it up.

This last Thursday, we decided to use a different technique, and instead of getting him and putting him back into his bed everytime he got out, we decided to ignore him. It was sad to hear him cry for about half an hour, but it worked miracles! After not hearing him for a while, I went back to check on him, and... he was asleep in his toddler bed! Hooray! The next day I also put him down for his nap, and he didn't even cry. I could hear him play for 10-15 minutes, and then he was asleep in his new bed! He has been sleeping in his toddler bed ever since.
On Saturday this is the way Jeff and I found Andre taking his nap:

He dragged every single plush toy in his room he could find into his bed, and only then went to sleep. (I think I counted seven.)


Sheldon & Julie said...

Hi Masha! I finally got around to the tag questions. That was actually pretty fun. I am so happy for you and your little Andre sleeping in a toddler bed. It seems like you put a lot of work into getting it to work out. I love the bedding you made. I didn't know you were so crafty. Cool! Well, talk to you soon.
Love ya!

Scrappycook said...

That is always such a huge accomplishment to move a child from the crib to a new bed! Just to warn you, Calvin was sleeping in his own bed, but somehow every morning I wake up to find him in MY bed!!

Anonymous said...

Очень симпатичненько спит!!!Я за вас рада!!!Это действительно твоя победа,так как можно и через 20 лет находить сынулю в своей кровати:)))Многие мамы(и папы) страдают от этого,но ничего поделать не могут!Крейдич Саша