Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Beach Outing

Ashamed to admit, but last Friday was actually the first time in about a year, and since we have moved to Los Angeles that we went to the beach not just to walk on the boardwalk, but rather to enjoy the sand, the sun and the water. I'm not even sure what the name of the beach was, but it's pretty close to Malibu. Andre enjoyed running and playing in the sand, watching the birds and the dolphins! Jeff and I got to go in the water. Anyway, we had a nice break to March Madness and enjoyed our family time.

This is the first time Andre kept his Nemo hat (his uncle Ryan gave him) on

It took forever for Jeff to gointo the water, our camera battery almost died by the time he actually got in. What a wuss! :)

Not that I really wanted to have any pictures taken of me, but I had to document the swimming.
And yes, I do not have a maternity swimming suit and just can't make myself spend $30 on to only use it a couple more times :). I figured my basketball shorts and a t-shirt will do - sexy!
Andre, though he loves water, is apparently afraid of the waves and tried to getas far from the ocean as he could.
Thanks for sharing, Andre :)

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