Monday, September 23, 2013

San Diego Trip

Since it was the last weekend (September 21-22) before I started my Master's program at UCLA, I decided to celebrate my last study-free weekend and treat the boys to a fun weekend trip. I booked one night at a hotel in San Diego so that way we could go visit both SeaWorld (for which we already had the tickets) and San Diego Zoo since the boys have not been to it (well, technically Andre has, but he was about year and a half so that doesn't count). Needless to say that we all had fun.
Chucks all the way!
 We visited SeaWorld on Saturday. We can never get enough of that place!
 Andre looks a bit scared in this picture of the ride Journey to Atlantis, but the lady in front of me definitely has him beat!

 Andre was tall enough to ride some of the rides on his own!!!

We Got Krispy Kreme donuts for desert after our dinner at Outback. Andre and Harper really enjoyed the 'making of the donuts' process.
 After half a day at SeaWorld and before dinner, we went to check into our hotel. I also wanted the kids to enjoy a swim in the pool while the sun was still out. 

You can only imagine the boys excitement when they found out that the pool was heated! (I did not know it when I booked the hotel). After our return to the hotel we of course went down to the pool. The hours were 7am - 10pm, but I think they let us swim until 10:30. The boys loved it. They had a blast swimming, jumping, using me as their transporter, we played catch and marco-polo. 

I thought all that swimming late into the night would get them tired, but boy was I wrong!!! Andre was up at 6:30am saying that he was ready to go swimming again. As tired as I was, I knew they don't get the opportunity to go swimming very much so I got up and off we went.

 We had so much fun in the pool. I am so glad that we went, even though it was that early.

After the pool we got ready for our day at the zoo. We went to IHOP for breakfast to fill up before our zoo adventure.

 We had a great time at the zoo. The boys really enjoyed watching the animals and learning new facts about them. 

 I was very proud of Andre and Harper. We spent about 7 hours at the zoo, walking almost constantly from exhibit to exhibit and not once did they whine or complain that they were tired. They acted like real men (for most part ;). As soon as we got into the car do drive back home, they knocked out. Our San Diego weekend was definitely a success.