Monday, March 29, 2010

A couple of days back, Andre refused to buckle up in the car. Jeff proceded to tell him that if he didn't buckle up, he (Jeff) will be in trouble and the police would come and take Papa (that's what the kids call Jeff) away. Jeff then said: "And then you will not see Papa or have a Papa". To which Andre in a matter-of-fact manner replied: "Heavenly Father will be my Papa."

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Recently Andre has been getting his little brother in a lot of trouble (and himself). He tells Harper to do things that are naughty, and without hesitation follows his orders/suggestions. For example, he will 'whisper' to Harper: "Harper, go hit Mommy" and the next second I am being clubbed by Harper's heavy fists. Andre also never hesitates to demonstrate to Harper what exactly he wants him to do. The other day I was cleaning up in the kitchen, they took advantage of that, found crayons, and drew all over the walls. (And I thought that wall coloring stage was done and over with). When I saw the new mural, I asked Andre who did it. Without any hesitation, he was quick to blame it on Harper. When I looked closely at the 'masterpiece', there were 2 distinct styles - Harper's scribbles and a few gigantic A's. Good going Andre, I am sure your not quite 2-year old brother was able to write a letter, that is coincidentally the first letter of your name.
These two are definitely kicking my behind. Maybe one day they will mellow out... At least I can daydream about it.