Saturday, December 23, 2006

Andre's First Winter

It took us two days to get to Idaho Falls, ID from Claremont, CA. We decided to drive up instead of flying, It took us 2 days to do so. Andre was such a good boy during the drive (not that he ever isn't). He slept all the way to Las Vegas (3.5 hours), where we stopped to eat. After our dinner we put him back in his carseat and continued our journey. After fussing for ten minutes or so, he went back to sleep, waking up periodically and falling back asleep (oh the magic of a car ride!). This allowed us to get all the way to Beaver, UT, where we stopped for the night. Next day we travelled to Provo and picked up Jeff's little brother Jesse. We arrived at our destination later that day.

We were very excited to see Rick (Jeff's brother) and Misty and their little daughter Piper, who is three weeks older than Andre. We were also excited to see Grandpa Rich, Grandma Ann and Great-Grandma Ardath as well as other extended family and friends.

We were quite dissapointed to see no snow when we arrived to Idaho, and there was no snow in the forecast either, but lucky for us it snowed on Thursday. We loved the snow as we don't see much of it in Southern California. Andre liked it too - see for yourself.

Under a Christmas Tree

Oops, I fell over

How funny!

What a cute boy!

I love winter!

Is it about time to hibernate?

Our little angel making a snow angel

Snow is such a peculiar thing!

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Friday, December 1, 2006

Real Food

This week Andre started eating solids. I started him off with whole-grain rice cereal. He loves it. I guess it would be pretty annoying to eat the same stuff for 5 months of your life 6-8 times a day.

Andre is such a good eater, he never spits his food out. He eats a lot of cereal, and than wants to nurse after that. Yesterday I made a little more than half a cup, and thought that I made too much. But... it was all eaten! You can see on the pictures the bowl with cereal - it was 2/3 full! Andre is going to be a giant if he keeps eating at this rate. He opens his mouth before I have time to fill up the spoon, and get frustrated if he doesn't get his next spoonfull in time. What a silly little guy!

I am all strapped in and ready!

I am watching the food being prepared

It's finally ready!

This is my favorite meal of the day


How delicious!

Keep it coming, Mom

The smile of satisfaction

The last spoonfulls

I can muscle it in!

Is that all?

All done!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

5 Months

I can't believe it has been 5 months. Andre has grown so much. It's so fun to see him learn new things. Recently he learned to sit up on his own, it usually lasts only 10 seconds or so, but sometimes can last a minute or two. He is such a cutie pie!
It finally started to cool down in Claremont, we actually started to wear long-sleeved shirts. Though most of the trees are still green, and many flowers are in bloom. Pretty crazy, considering it's almost winter. We are definitely looking forward to our Christmas trip to Idaho.

Out for a walk

What a cutie!

Just me and my Dad

Aren't we a pair?
Hugs for Mommy

My Dad rocks!

Look at me, I can sit up!

Monday, November 27, 2006


We went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend to see the Jayhawks play at the Las Vegas Invitational. It was a lot of fun. We met up with Ann and Richard (Jeff's parents) and Jesse and Ryan (Jeff's brothers). It was rather an unusual Thanksgiving, as we didn't get to sit at home and have a nice turkey dinner; instead we went to a buffet in Las Vegas.

We got to see the Jayhawks play on Friday (Ball State) and Saturday (Florida #1). We took Andre to the Friday game, and he was ok until the game started and the fans were screaming to cheer on their teams. It was too loud for our little guy. I had to go up to the last row of the arena and stay there the whole game, I also had to close Andre's ears every time it got loud. On Saturday Andre stayed in the hotel with grandma, who was nice to volunteer to baby-sit while the rest of us went to the game. It was a very exciting game, as #12 ranked Jayhawks played #1 Florida - the best live basketball game I've seen. It went into overtime- and the Jayhawks won -- 82-80!!! What a great birthday present for me!

Way too loud for us!

Andre with Greg Ostertag - former Jayhawk and Utah Jazz player

Lazy Day

Just the two of us, guys