Friday, December 1, 2006

Real Food

This week Andre started eating solids. I started him off with whole-grain rice cereal. He loves it. I guess it would be pretty annoying to eat the same stuff for 5 months of your life 6-8 times a day.

Andre is such a good eater, he never spits his food out. He eats a lot of cereal, and than wants to nurse after that. Yesterday I made a little more than half a cup, and thought that I made too much. But... it was all eaten! You can see on the pictures the bowl with cereal - it was 2/3 full! Andre is going to be a giant if he keeps eating at this rate. He opens his mouth before I have time to fill up the spoon, and get frustrated if he doesn't get his next spoonfull in time. What a silly little guy!

I am all strapped in and ready!

I am watching the food being prepared

It's finally ready!

This is my favorite meal of the day


How delicious!

Keep it coming, Mom

The smile of satisfaction

The last spoonfulls

I can muscle it in!

Is that all?

All done!