Wednesday, February 28, 2007

First time at the beach

Andre went to the beach for the first time last Friday. He loves being outside, so there was no doubt he would like being out. It was a great day - temperatures in upper 70s. We took a nice stroll along the beach, then we decided to go try out the water. It was rather cold, but Andre had to have that experience. What kind of trip to the beach it would be without going into the ocean. Andre only got his legs wet and it didn't last that long. He was fine until the wave would come - and his smile would instantly turn into a frown ready to cry. Too cold I figure.
To Dad's fear of Andre inheriting his skin and being burned outside, nothing like that happened to him. He was lotioned up nicely and enjoyed the sun.

New texture...It's so fun to play with it

It's a bit cold

Muscle men... Check out my six pack

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Grandparents are in town

I just woke up, Grandpa
With Grandma and Grandpa
Fun times
Little missionary
Uncle Vanya giving kisses
Reading with my grandparents

What a nice kiss

Standing up

Andre with long hair!
Junior missionary