Monday, July 2, 2012

Andre's 6th birthday

I cannot believe my baby turned 6! He is such a great little boy. Though he has his moments of frustrations, I couldn't wish for a better son. He is so caring, so helpful, understanding and even obedient. He excelled in kindergarted and is turning out to be a very good little reader, his writing is very neat, he loves math. He did really good in basketball this season and is really looking forward to the beggining of the next one, and even wants same basketball shoes I play in (Kobes) - which I told him I'd get if he works hard on his basketball skills. He always looks out for his brother (that is when we are out and they are amongst other kids, in the house it is a different story sometimes :). He is very social and has a lot of friends. In fact, on the first day of summer camp, while we were driving there, he exclaimed in a very excited tone: "Mom! Can you believe I will make new friends today?!"
This is just a little insight in the way Andre is nowadays.

This year he was very excited about his birthday and birthday party. He would not stop counting down to the day of his birthday. The actual birthday was on a Friday, so after I got off work I picked him up from his summer camp (in which according to him he had a 'fantastic' day) and after getting Harper from daycare we went to BJs for a special birthday dinner. That night when we came home, Andre said: "Mom, I cannot wait until tomorrow!"
After a sleepless night, I was able to finish decorating the pinata and made the cake. Though not as many people as expected showed up, Andre had a really fun time with his friends.

I made light sabers out of pool noodles, using some duct and electrical tape. They turned out to be a hit. They were great party favors, besides providing hours of entertainment for the kids.

Even Jedi need to take a break and eat. I thought it was cute how they on their own decided to sit down in a circle under the tree to eat lunch.
I did face painting as an activity for the party and it turned out to be in high demand - no child left the party without their face painted.
Andre the skeleton
Harper the scary pumpkin
Hard at work

Cheyenne the lion

Andre had to pretend blow out candles, since it was too windy at the park to stay lit.

Destroyed creation...yum
I ordered a pinata from a store, however seeing the rather sloppy detailing on the other pinatas they sell, I asked them to just make it blank. As if I needed another thing to do for the party, but the clone trooper turned out pretty cool.

Andre got a whole lot of presents. We concluded with a silly sting fight. I must say, the party was a success.

Unfortunately, the boys left the party to go to San Mateo for the summer with their dad. I miss them terribly already. :(