Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First love?!!!

IMG_4413 copy 3

As I was pulling up to my friend Kim’s house who was super nice to help me watch the boys while I had to take care of some business, Andre decided to inform me that he was in love. What?!

This is how our conversation went:

Andre:  Mommy, I love Amelia.

       Me:  You do?

Andre:  I love her because she is my friend.

       Me:  That’s nice.

Andre:  I am going to marry her.

       Me:  You are?

Andre:  Yes. I told Papa I was going to marry Elana, but I

                 am not. I will marry Amelia. She loves me and I  

                 love her.

I thought I wasn’t supposed to be worried about girls and romance until my boys are teens. Boy, was I wrong!

When I returned to pick the boys up, this is how I found them:

IMG_4411 copy

Yes, Amelia’s hand is on Andre’s lap. I love how Harper is looking at what’s going on, like a little chaperone about to break up their little “moment”. Too funny.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Unfortunately our Disneyland passes are running out on the 15th, and most likely we will not be renewing them for a while. So to make up for an upcoming break, we already visited the parks twice in the last 2 weeks. I think we might try to squeeze our in our last full day of Disneyland next week, and try to hit all the rides, and see most of the shows and parades.  Sep102010_0003 copySep102010_0005 copySep102010_0033 copy

Harper loves carousels!

Sep102010_0011 copySep102010_0038 copy

Andre decided to make a grumpy face because according to him “the horse wasn’t shiny”. (there was another horse with a silver saddle that he wanted to get on.)Sep102010_0020 copySep102010_0017 copySep102010_0029 copy

I love the mischief on Andre’s face. It is so him!Sep102010_0044 copySep102010_0022 copy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Manhattan Beach

I was able to go to the gym early in the morning today, so that left a lot of free before-nap time. I decided to take the kids to the beach and rollerblade while pushing them in the stroller. The weather was foggy and overcast, which was perfect for the occasion. We started at the beach at the end of Culver Blvd. and went all the way to Manhattan Beach Pier (which is about 7 mi one way). It was a great workout for me and the kids enjoyed the ride. They chatted up a storm, pointing out everything they saw on the way, be it seagulls, dogs, sand, ships, people, and more seagulls; they sang songs at the top of their lungs (which made Mom a little embarrassed at times); they said (or more so yelled) ‘hi’ to every passing by jogger or bicyclist, and were very disappointed when they didn’t get ‘hi’ back.


The boys wanted to first go on the pier to watch the fisherman. We got lucky enough to see a school (whatever a group of dolphins is called, I know they are not fish, but it’s the closest I could come up with) of dolphins.

0901_0008_2     0901_0010_20901_0015_2

Andre acting goofy


Andre did a great job of taking this picture of Harper and I

0901_0021_2Of course Harper wanted to take a picture as well. His turned out great as well. Love Andre’s expression!

0901_0022_2My cuties

Andre and Harper have been playing quite well together lately. My favorite is their pretend game. Harper just recently figured it out, and his favorite is to pretend that he is a cat. He crawls around on all fours and meows non-stop. Andre plays along by petting, ‘training’ and feeding him. This game can go on for quite some time.

0901_0031_2After the pier we went to a local pizzeria, and then had ice cream for desert.

0901_0051_2       0901_0046_2

On the way back both boys tuckered out, and I had a few miles of rollerblading without any chatter. We will definitely do it again.