Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First love?!!!

IMG_4413 copy 3

As I was pulling up to my friend Kim’s house who was super nice to help me watch the boys while I had to take care of some business, Andre decided to inform me that he was in love. What?!

This is how our conversation went:

Andre:  Mommy, I love Amelia.

       Me:  You do?

Andre:  I love her because she is my friend.

       Me:  That’s nice.

Andre:  I am going to marry her.

       Me:  You are?

Andre:  Yes. I told Papa I was going to marry Elana, but I

                 am not. I will marry Amelia. She loves me and I  

                 love her.

I thought I wasn’t supposed to be worried about girls and romance until my boys are teens. Boy, was I wrong!

When I returned to pick the boys up, this is how I found them:

IMG_4411 copy

Yes, Amelia’s hand is on Andre’s lap. I love how Harper is looking at what’s going on, like a little chaperone about to break up their little “moment”. Too funny.

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Maginot said...

oh my gosh!! :-) so funny I love it!