Friday, September 10, 2010


Unfortunately our Disneyland passes are running out on the 15th, and most likely we will not be renewing them for a while. So to make up for an upcoming break, we already visited the parks twice in the last 2 weeks. I think we might try to squeeze our in our last full day of Disneyland next week, and try to hit all the rides, and see most of the shows and parades.  Sep102010_0003 copySep102010_0005 copySep102010_0033 copy

Harper loves carousels!

Sep102010_0011 copySep102010_0038 copy

Andre decided to make a grumpy face because according to him “the horse wasn’t shiny”. (there was another horse with a silver saddle that he wanted to get on.)Sep102010_0020 copySep102010_0017 copySep102010_0029 copy

I love the mischief on Andre’s face. It is so him!Sep102010_0044 copySep102010_0022 copy

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