Monday, November 27, 2006


We went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend to see the Jayhawks play at the Las Vegas Invitational. It was a lot of fun. We met up with Ann and Richard (Jeff's parents) and Jesse and Ryan (Jeff's brothers). It was rather an unusual Thanksgiving, as we didn't get to sit at home and have a nice turkey dinner; instead we went to a buffet in Las Vegas.

We got to see the Jayhawks play on Friday (Ball State) and Saturday (Florida #1). We took Andre to the Friday game, and he was ok until the game started and the fans were screaming to cheer on their teams. It was too loud for our little guy. I had to go up to the last row of the arena and stay there the whole game, I also had to close Andre's ears every time it got loud. On Saturday Andre stayed in the hotel with grandma, who was nice to volunteer to baby-sit while the rest of us went to the game. It was a very exciting game, as #12 ranked Jayhawks played #1 Florida - the best live basketball game I've seen. It went into overtime- and the Jayhawks won -- 82-80!!! What a great birthday present for me!

Way too loud for us!

Andre with Greg Ostertag - former Jayhawk and Utah Jazz player

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