Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Santa Monica Beach

On Saturday we went to Santa Monica Beach. We ended up going later, so it was pretty chilly, good thing I happened to have a long sleeve shirt for Andre in the diaper bag. Andre loved playing with his sand toys and going up to the water.
Filling up his buckets, also making sure to get our blanket as sandy as possible

The face of innocence

Here is a picture of huge me. Boy am I ready to be done.
Jeff took this shot from below and got a really pretty picture of the sunset.
Another one
On Sunday Andre woke up from his nap burning up. Poor kid caught his second cold, even before he got out of the previous one. :( He was so hot that we had to strip him down to cool him. I wish they would fashion some kind of instant action Tylenol...
Being sick, cute and cuddly

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