Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LA Zoo

Andre and I went to the LA Zoo today with a couple of our friends from church. We really had a good time. I think it was actually the first time Andre really enjoyed the zoo, as he knew where to look, and new a lot of animals and the sounds they make. He really enjoyed roaring at the tigers (there was a mom and three cubs), watching the flamingoes, but I think his favorite by far was the gorilla exhibit. We must have spent almost half an hour there. He kept on saying 'monkey' and imitating the sound they make. It was really cute. Just like his babushka, Andre loves flamingos
One of my friends forgot her stroller, so Andre was nice enough to share his with her 18-month old daughter Avery. We just reclined the back all the way down and they both fit pretty cozy in there.
Cute Avery - such a girly girl
Andre with another boy from our group. Andre was the oldest of the pack.There were 3 other gorillas we saw, another male and a mom with a baby.

Andre watching the giraffes
Yet another baby

Up close and personal
Hippo was surprisingly out of the water, considering how hot it was
Flirty Andre - ready to go home.

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Brian & Monica said...

You look great and those pictures of the beach make me want to leave freezing Utah. We are all ready for some warm weather. Great pictures, by the way. Love ya.