Friday, October 3, 2008

Harper is 5 months

I know it is a little after the fact of Harper turning 5 months, all the sewing I have been doing really put a dent on my blogging frequency.

Harper finally started to sleep well at night. He usually eats at about 8-8:30 and we put him down, well still bounce/rock him down to be exact. He then wakes up in the middle of the night, but a swiftly put in binky into his mouth solves this problem. He then wakes up to eat anywhere around 5 am. I really am starting to feel like I am finally catching up on all the sleep I"ve missed in the last 5 months.
He is still not sure about solids. Yesterday I gave him some banana mixed in with his cereal and he seemed to like it a lot better. Surprise, surprise - Harper's got a sweet tooth (just like the rest of the fam).
This last Sunday at church Harper started getting fussy when he saw Andre drink out of his juice cup. I though that Harper nibbling on the straw won't do much harm, plus Andre drank most of the juice anyway (there was maybe half-an inch left on the bottom). Anyway, I gave the cup to Harper to play with. When we looked at the cup a minute later the amount of juice left was cut in half. Upon closer inspection, we noticed the juice slowly go up the straw as Harper was sucking on it. Crazy kid! Unfortunately now every time Harper sees Andre with a juice cup, he flips out!

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