Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a mess!

I left Harper in the stroller in the kitchen with Andre playing right by him, I figured it was a perfect opportunity for me to try to clean up in the living room. Little did I know, this is what I found only a few minutes later:

That's right - stroller, kitchen floor, chair and Harper covered in Nesquick chocolate powder! Andre just kept scooping it out! As you can tell Harper didn't mind it the least bit - I found him sucking on the stroller tray - good going! Did I say I needed any more chores?


joni said...

Holy Cow... That will be funny in like 10 years! Well it is super funny right now, but probably not to you. Good job grabbing the camera before cleaning it up! On the bright side, at least it was not syrup.

Scott and Jeanne Anderson said...

Oh Masha! I totally feel for you. But that is so hilarious! So glad I found your blog! Take Care! btw-are you on facebook?