Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harper is 6 months old!

I cannot believe my little Harper just had his half-year birthday! Crazy! - I thought by now I would lose the babyweight, but not so - I seem to have lost the ability/willpower to diet, and until I find it - I'll still have at least 10 pounds to go.
Back to my little Harper - he loves his brother Andre and Andre can make him laugh like no one else. Harper also wants to have everything Andre has (espesially when it comes to food). He eats a lot! And by a lot I mean at least a half-cup serving of solid food, but it has to have banana or yam in it, or else he doesn't eat it (he's got the sweet tooth gene form his parents :) He like to be held most of the time - if I set him down, I might be able to get a few minutes of not crying (my poor poor back). But I have to admit that he got a lot better at falling asleep on his own, so now I do not have to walk and bounce him upright for half an hour until he falls asleep. Phew. I know I'll later say 'what was I thinking', but I cannot wait for him to start moving- I think that might make him a happier baby.
I love my little Harper, he is such a cotie - see for yourself.

His on the 'move' in this picture, but I still like it. This is Jeff's favorite outfit for him - 20s beachgoer.
My always cute and adorable boys

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