Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party

This year I set out to make my kids' Halloween costumes, as if I didn't have enough projects going on :). It took quite a few sleepless nights, but I finished them in time for the ward party, which was held last night. Though it took a lot of effort to make them, I have to say that it was worth it. I got a lot of compliments on the costumes, and they were unique. Though Andre was the only elephant, there were quite a few lions, and to be honest - Harper was the cutest one. See for yourself:
This picture would have been a lot cuter without the binky, but Harper would not cooperate. (Andre was even worse)
Here we are on the way to the party

There were a lot of fun games the kids could participate it and get little prizes. Andre loved it. He also decided to stop at the coloring table - I have to mention he was the only one there, since the other games looked a lot more fun
Andre throwing plastic spiders into pumpkin buckets. Check out the kids wrist - a basketball player in the making!

In line to playt yet another game

This was Andre favorite by far - Ghost bowling

Andre and his best friend Allie - sadly they moved up north, so he won't get to play with her much anymore. Allie was a cute flower fairy, though Joni, I still think she should have gone as Captain Hook like she wanted. :)Cute little girl Natalia - so girlyThis is the best picture I could get of Andre's costume
Allie and Andre trunk-or-treating

Harper and I in front of a decorted truck bed
More candy

Yet another decorated trunk

I thought candy was enough sweets for the day - apparently NOT - Andre had to have a couple of cupcakes to top it off


Miss Lindsey said...

Great job on the costumes. I haven't dressed Annabelle up for Halloween yet. I guess I'm just lazy.

Scrappycook said...

I can't believe you made those!! They are adorable and VERY impressive!

Misty said...

AMAZING costumes Masha! I am thoroughly impressed by your talents. Great work! Did you use a pattern?

Scott and Jeanne Anderson said...

Those costumes look like you bought them at a very expensive boutique or something. You are flippin amazing! I'm calling you next year for help with my kids. How much do you charge?! ;)

Little Crazies said...

Oh my gosh!! Mashka, you are the best mom ever! :) can i be your third kid? i can't believe you made those costumes they look so professionally made... crazy! did you make them from patterns or did you made them up?

Masha said...

I did use a pattern, it's a McCall's pattern of 5 Tom Arma costumes ( All of them are super cute and I had hard time decided which ones I was going to make, but then Andre decided to be an elephant, and lion went very well with that.

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

OH MY Masha those costumes are to die for!!! I LOVE THEM! You are so talented and I wish I lived by you so I could make costumes with you! You saw Dallin's lion & it wasn't half as cute as Harpers, & Vivy LOVES elephants. I am always impressed with your project, way to go!

The Ontko Family said...

The costumes turned out great! Go Masha! Has it really been 6 months that you had Harper? Wow!