Sunday, October 12, 2008

Doesn't this look comfortable?

Andre recently decided to push his bedtime to 8:30-9 pm, and even then he doesn't quite go to sleep - the kid has an unlimited amount of energy (I wish I could borrow some of it). We keep our routine - we say our family prayer, tuck him in and kiss him goodnight; Andre lays still until we leave the room, and as soon as we close the door behind us, he gets up, climbs up on the changing table, turns on the light, climbs down and plays with whatever toys he can find. Battling him at it is pretty much impossible, as he will keep doing it ver and over again. So, we let him do it, and usually about half an hour later we find him asleep in hi bed, with the lights still on (And I've got to say they are pretty bright). This is how we found Andre a couple of nights ago.

That's right he moved the SUPER heavy futon mattress almost completely off the frame, and I guess in the process of doing it got tired and fell asleep...

...on the very edge of it

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Pomona Noltes said...

That is hilarious, Mash! What a strong kid!