Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yesterday Harper was introduced to the world of food other than milk. We tried giving him rice cereal. He definitely wasn't as eager to eat as Andre was back in the days, and I would say he neither liked or disliked the cereal - he was quite indifferent.Ready to eat

'What is it?'
...or maybe not
Oh yeah, the great Mom that I am, I forgot to put the bib on the kid and diluted the cereal out with water, rather than with formula or breast milk like they suggest. I only remembered that after the fact - I guess I should pull the books out and get a refresher.

Andre decided to provide some dinner entertainment for Harper, by jumping on the table.. and making silly faces
Which I have to say Harper enjoyed quite a bit (here he is staring at his brother).
I also managed to remeber that the kid needed the bib, which I retrieved and put on him almost at the very end of his feeding... haha

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