Monday, August 25, 2008

Yellowstone National Park

One of the days of our vacation we spent visiting Yellowstone National Park. Jeff's youngest brother Jesse and his wife Karen came along for the ride (I am sure they regretted their decision later - it's not all that fun when you have two little kids in the car who switch off crying :). Though it wasn't my first time there, I was once again fascinated with the strange processes that happen in nature. It was also fun to watch the Old Faithful blast up into the air, see a bunch of elk roaming freely and even a moose.
One of the elk peacefully resting
Andre woke up from his nap that was cut short and was quite cranky
The water in this hole was a stunning clear blue color

After giving them a piece of reality of having two kids, I think Karen and Jesse will postpone parenthood for quite a few years :)
Jeff and Andre walking to the geyser... ...which Andre decided he was afraid of
More elk

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