Thursday, August 28, 2008

Idaho Falls

After Island Park we got to spend a couple of days in Idaho Falls. Andre loved playing with his cousin Cole and it was sure nice to meet cutie Brooke. I got to hang out with Diantha (my sister-in-law) which was a lot of fun.

Di and Brooke

Harper is the same size as Brooke, though she is almost 4 months older than him (I know, my kid is going to be huge)

I never thought taking a picture of 4 kids would be this hard. Believe it or not - this was the best picture of the bunch - (sorry Cole for the cut-off face)

Andre and Cole loved playing swordfight with foam swords

We also got to see some of our friends from high school/college days. It sure makes you realize how fast the time flies, as most of us saw each other last when we were newly married, and now we are all parents.
Jack Avondet is climbing up the slide, while Lindsey Brown is pulling her daughter Annabelle off to avoid an accident
Some of the gang

Jeff and Harper are socializing with Jeff and Jane Parry
Andre decided that all unused plastic utensils and cups belonged on the ground. And yes - one spoon just isn't enough
Jaime and I - we decided to take a picture together, since we were the ones walking around with cameras and documenting the reunion
Mike Brown was like a carnival ride for the kids and they just kept coming back for more

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