Sunday, August 3, 2008


It has been a while since my last post. The reason being, well... my kids. The boys decided not to nap at the same time, so when it's time for Andre to go down, Harper wakes up and vise versa, therefore giving me no down time. Jeff has been working a lot of overtime, and coming home around 8 p.m., by which time the boys are bathed and asleep - makes me feel like a single mom. That explains the messy house, unfinished laundry, and no new posts, not to mention one exhausted mom. I figured the weekend is the only time I actually get a break, since there are two of us. When it was just Andre, I didn't care what day of the week it was, but now I long for the weekends. Maybe one of these days I'll get the 'mom of two' thing down.

Every so often the boys will have their moments of niceness - when both of them are happy. I love that time. (most of the time I get 2 crying babies revving each other up).

And loves to mimic whatever it is that Harper is doing.

Since we got rid of the table in Andre's bedroom, we thought we put a stop to his jumping frenzy... not so, apparently...

Who said the stickers have to go on the paper?
And why not share some with the little guy?

The end result
Luckily the sticky part wasn't too sticky and didn't hurt when I peeled the stickers off. Harper acted as nothing really happened.
Isn't that a face of innocense? Andre decided to put Elmo in timeout. When I asked him why Elmo was in timeout, he simply said "Elmo draw. No-no. Timeout." Way to take the blame, Elmo. (Then it got me thinking, maybe Andre did learn this very 'valuable skill' from Elmo's world, since Elmo does have the walls painted with crayons...hmm)

Andre has been praised many times for his great singing in Nursery. He is the only kid that sings, and it was noted he does it with much enthusiasm. Way to go, Andre!

One thing we have been battling with him is to last through the sacrament hour in church. He hasn't been good at it from the get go, so we started taking him out and letting him play with the nursery toys, which soon turned into a habit. Now we are struggling to break it. We make him sit on the bench and don't allow him to leave, which doesn't sit well with him, so he screams (I have to tightly cover his mouth), kicks, and tries various ways of escaping. So when he was about done today and wouldn't stop crying, Jeff picked him up and went to the podium to bear his testimony. That made Andre quiet down for a while, seeing a lot of people looking at him. That shyness didn't last too long, and while Jeff was in the middle of bearing his testimony, Andre loudly and obnoxiosly in the mic said "Hello", which of course caused a wave of laughter in the congregation. What a silly little kid!

Harper is growing so fast. He's my little chunk. I guess he is not as chubby as he is tall. He officially doesn't fit into 0-3 months onesies, the 3-6 months ones are snug on him, so the 6-9 months size is his perfect fit - the are a little wide, but perfect length. Need I remind anyone the kid is only 3 months old?
He is a very smiley baby. When anyone smiles at him he smiles right back. He also like to talk a lot (another Andre in the making:). But my favorite part is when I can make him laugh out loud. Usually it is done by repeating some word in a silly way. He thinks it's hilarious.
Harper has also been doing much better at tummy time. Though he hated it initially, I think he's coming around. He can roll from front to back (he has to try very hard, and usually his arm gets in his way). He can also raise his chest up on his arms, so I might get a crawler this time around, since Andre skipped the crawling stage all together.


Scrappycook said...

Your boys are so adorable! I love the stickers all over Harper - Max used to draw in marker all over Sophie!

Sheldon and Julie said...

Masha, this is such a cute post. I can tell you have your hands busy with the two little guys. Thanks for all the fun when we came to see you and for helping us with the Disneyland tickets. You rock!