Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our canoe trip

I think the highlight of our vacation was a canoe trip down Snake river we took with Andre and Jeff's brother Ryan who graciously came with us despite not feeling too well. (Thanks Ryan!)Here's Andre getting ready to get into the canoe. I tried to hurry and take the picture, and forgot to zip up the camera bag, so while leaning over to get a good angle, our digital camcorder flew out of the bag right into the water! :( Obviously, it stopped functioning right away. I did have a prompting while we were getting ready to go to leave the camcorder at the cabin, but I didn't listen - next time I will know better.
ANdre switched off between being happy and cranky, partially because we were doing it during his nap time. Here Andre wanter to help me row, which he did a pretty good job of... that is not splashing anyone or losing the oar :)
It's always fun to see all the river wild life. Since Ryan was in the middle with Andre he took mpst of the pictures. Thanks again!
For almost 6 years now I have been trying to spot a moose in Idaho. But they would not come out for me, it came down to the ridiculous, when the groups that would go down the river right before or right after me would see a moose, and not just one... Well after a long wait it finally happened! I saw moose! Actually two of them - a mama and a baby moose.
Ryan, Jeff and Andre with moose inthe background

I was a designated "getter-outer of shallow waters" person
Here's me hard at work pulling the canoe with three guys in it - it was a great workout
Here's Andre 'comfortably' taking a nap - it was actually nice to enjoy the sounds of nature

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