Monday, August 25, 2008

Island Park

It took me a while to get this post ready - mostly due to the fact that kids are trying to get adjusted and snap back into their normal schedule. Two weeks ago we went to Island Park, Idaho for Jeff's family reunion. We enjoyed it (besides Harper not sleeping well and both kids catching colds the first day we were there). Andre really liked playing with his cousin Piper and all of his second cousins. Jeff got to do some golfing, swimming with the boy, while I did what I do best - took care of my kids :). Unfortunatelly they don't sleep at the same time, so I was pretty much tied to our condo, but I did get to enjoy fresh pine-smelling air (good change from LA smog).

Andre and Piper found some kitchen utensils to use as instruments

My 'not so little' Harper
Piper attempted to hold Harper
I desided it would be easier and safer to take their picture side-by-side
We went to Big Springs to look at the big trout. Here Andre is pointing at the fishes.
There were fewer fish there this year compared to the previous times we came here. Here's one of them.
Jeff's brother Rick and his daughter Piper are feeding the fish.
My California water-loving child just had to try out the water!
Beautiful scenery
Andre as always enjoyed all the playground equipment.Andre with his second cousin Jacob in the back.
Andre also liked looking and mooing at the cows.


Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

looks like fun Masha! What beautiful scenery. And wow I can't believe how fast Harper is growing! Have a great day :)

Miss Lindsey said...

Cute pictures! I, too, usually have to stay inside with my kid, and I only have one. I can imagine how much more difficult it is with 2 kids.