Friday, July 3, 2009

The zoo

Since Harper has never been to the zoo, we decided to take our boys to Kiev zoo. Both of them had a blast. The best part was probably seeing the brown bear.You could tell Harper was going to have fun from the minute we walked in
Looking at the birds

Watching the bear take a swim

The boys in front of the ostriches

Chocolate chip cookie?

Pointing at the tarantula

From the second we walked in to the zoo, Andre demanded to see the lion. And even after 10 minutes of watching a very active bear, he still persisted on seeing a lion.

Harper pointing at the cayman

We got to go into a petting zoo. The price including the food for the animals was less than a dollar, and the kids were free! A great deal! Harper had a blastfeeding the animals, Andre on the other hand was hesitant, after being pushed out of the was by a few goats and pigs.

Chasing chickens
Harper feeding the bunny. He was quick to figure out how to do it and was very proud of his accomplishment.
Rhino in the background
Adnre was treated to a choo-choo train ride at the end of it all.

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Marsh Family said...

AWESOME!!!! I love seeing your pictures. It sure looks like you guys are having fun. Can't wait to see more! Love, Nat