Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spending time with Andre

Having my parents around helping with my boys (THANKS!!!) has given me a great opportunity for a one-on-one time with Andre, which he rarely gets back home. Almost every day here we have a Mommy-Andre time, whether it is watching something together, painting, coloring, playing with Play-Doh, reading. But our most favorite is going somewhere, we usually do it when Harper takes his morning nap, as to not overload my parents. Sometimes we just go to the store, and buy a new book or a movie. We also buy Kinder Surprises (egg-shaped chocolate shells with a little toy inside) - those are Andre's favorite. A few time we went downtown sightseeing and had a lot of fun - here are a few pictures from one of those outings. Andre loved this fountain, that is just ankle deep and runs down a few sets of stairs. He had a blast playing in it and didn't want to leave.
Yet another fountain

This is a face Andre pulled when I asked him to smile for Papa

On the weekends the main street downtown gets blocked off and makes it really covenient not to have to use underground crosswalks, it can definitely be a pain with a kid (We only have a double stroller here, so on our little outings Andre has to walk)

Khreschatik - main street
I treated Andre to an ice cream cone at McDonalds
Puppet theater. Unfortunately they are in hiatus until September, I bet Andre would have loved one of their plays

We did go to a kid-friendly restaurant - a rarity in Ukraine. They had a 'babysitter' there to occupy your kids, and Andre didn't want to leave afterwards.
Climbing. On a side note, my cousin has the same ladder thing at his house, and when we were over there visiting, my little monster Harper managed to climb it all the way to the ceiling on his own with no help whatsoever - crazy!
Statues outside the puppet theater

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