Thursday, July 2, 2009


Though I thought I wouldn't need any time to adjust to the new time zone - I was wrong. And we did take our first day in Kiev easy, including all of us taking extended naps. Our first outing was on the 2nd. Jeff and I left the house and our kids in the early afternoon and went on a date. We first walked the beautiful bordwalk by the river Dnieper in my parents' neighborhood to one of Jeff's favorite pizzerias - Celentano's. After that we embarked on our journey of exploring downtown Kiev and later in the evening we had a ballet performance to attend at the National Opera House.
Jeff and the walkway along Dnieper
I love my parents' neighborhood

Andriivs'ka church

Us in front of it

Altar and other stuff inside the Andriivs'ka church

Statue of a cossack leader - Bogdan Khmel'nytski

Just one of the buildings downtown

Sofia - one of the oldest churches

Jeff in front of the "Golden Gates" - the main entry way to Kiev- back in the days of Kievan Rus (ca. 900 ad)

Yaroslav the Wise, one of the rulers

Jeff and I were able to go and see "Forest song", which is a Ukrainian ballet in 3 acts. On this picture you can see colorful Ukrainian costumes.

The theater's architecture is not only beautiful outside, but is matching in beauty on the inside.

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