Saturday, July 4, 2009


What can be more American for the 4th of July than visiting an outdoor museum of Ukrainian architecture of the 19th century? At least I dressed up the kids in the flag shirts. Patriotic enough, right? When Jeff and I visited here in 2005 we also came to this museum and Jeff loved itt, so we this was one of tthe must places to visit. Andre and Jeff in the wheat field
My Dad and Harper
We decided to dress the boys in their Ukrainian outfits (minus the shoes, we figured crocs would do). They looked very cute and anyone passing would ooh and aah, and take pictures of them. I am pretty sure some of the people thought they were part of the exhibit.
Andre wasn't very cooperattive and most of the time wanted and did run away, leaving me in the dust. Luckily, I snapped enough times that we got a couple of decent shots.
With uncle Vanya

This guy playing the 'gusli' (I have no idea what this instrument is called in English) was absolutely amazing
Young cossak

I was selected to 'show off' my pottery skills. Well, actually the guy asked my Mom and she didn't want to participate, so I came to her rescue. The guy pretty much guided my hands through the whole process.
Here is the result - old Ukrainian style candle-holder
I think this is the only picture of Andre smiling
My Mom helping Harper with his costume

Snack time - medoviye pryaniki
No, itt's not beer, it's kvas - a ukrainian non-alcoholic drink
Vanya in the tree
Harper thought it was hilarious to climb on top of me and attack me - gentle little creature
Water mill


Scrappycook said...

What a beautiful spot! The boys look adorable in their traditional outfits!

Little Crazies said...

is your T key doesn't work? :)) it's funny..
i am so jealous, Pirogovo looks so awesome.. i miss it a lot... i love the cossak costumes on boys.. they look adorable! :) i am glad you are having a great time in Ukraine!
p.s. what is van'ka doing on that tree? he doesn't look that happy there :)) haha that picture cracked me up