Thursday, May 7, 2009

Huntington Library and Gardens

This Thursday the kids and I got to go to the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena. My friend Ashley and her little girl Violet came with us as well. I have never heard of the place before, I got the tickets from Michelle since she wasn't able to go (thanks Michelle). There is a free admission day each month, and the tickets get distributed online on the 1st of each month, click here to find out more.
The place was beautiful, it has many art galleries and beautifully landscaped grounds. We maybe saw 5% of the place since it was super hot (100 F) and I brought my side-by-side jogging stroller they wouldn't let into any gallery (they have a rule - you can use tandem double strollers inside, but not double-wide).
В этот четверг я с малыми и моей подружкой съездили в Хантингтон библиотеку, музей и ботанические сады. Хотя мы иного не увидели - было очень жарко (около 40 градусов) и из-за моей широкой коляски нас не пустили в галереи - на то что мы смогли посмотреть нас очень потрясло.
Ботанический сад очень красив и разделен тематически - японские сады, китайские сады, т.п. We spent most of out time in the Childrens' Garden, where the kids got to play with the water, which was a great way for them to cool off.
Практически все время мы провели в детских садах, так как там были фонтаны в которых малыши могли играть и охладиться.
The botanical gardens are absolutely gorgeous. I am definitely going to go there again, perhaps after our trip to Ukraine.
Нам там очень понравилось и мы уже планируем очередную поездку
Harper playing with the whirlpool.
Харпер играет в водовороте

Andre managed to slip and fall in the mud, so I took his shirt off, washed it and hung it to dry on the stroller - it only took about half an hour for it to be comletely dry. He loved playing in the water, and also drinking it- I got a few disapproving looks from the 'perfect' moms - hey, at least he is not hitting, pushing, or kicking your kids! (yep, that's right - he turned into a monster child. I still can't figure out what is all that talk about terrible twos is, since it's nothing compared to awful threes).
Андрей умудрисля упасть в грязь и мне пришлось снять и вымыть его рубашку, которая высохла всего за полчаса. А вот так он охлаждается - обливаясь и пья воду


Вайолет - дочка моей поруги

Harper was soaking wet. Look at the cute footsteps.

Мокрые следы

I love this picture of Andre
Моя любимая фотография с Андреем


Pomona Noltes said...

Great photos, Masha. You are an artist! The boys are so cute, as always. We love the Huntington. The Japanese gardens are my faves. We just bought a pass to the LA Arboretum. It's a great place too.

Maginot said...

so glad those tickets didn't go to waste! you got some good pics too! Man I hate being sick

Little Crazies said...

Mashka, fotki super! :) kakoj u tebia fotoapparat?