Friday, May 15, 2009


One of Harper's birthday presents was a basketball hoop. I didn't assemble it right away, as it required to put sand in the base for stabilization, and I obviously don't have a supply of available sand. I finally was able to go to Home Depot and get a bag of sand. Who knew they sell their sand in the moistened form, and since I didn't have anywhere to spread it out to dry it took me nearly an hour of shoving 30+ pounds of sand by handfulls into a 1-inch diameter hole. Once the hoop was assembled, the kids had a blast playing. Andre is quite good at shooting the ball. It's funny, but every time he makes a far shot, he exclaims: "Chalmers!" - and no, I didn't teach him that, he came up with it on his own.

Харпер получил баскетбольное кольцо в подарок на его день рождения. Для сборки требовалось 20 кг песка насыпанного в базу для стабилизации, и по скольку у меня его не было, я сразу кольцо и не сложила. Вчера у меня наконец-то нашлось время съездить с малыми в магазин за песком. Оказывается продают песок мокрым, поэтому сборка заняла почти часэ точнее засыпание песка горсточками в 2-х см дырочку.
Harper made a few baskets by walking right up to the hoop, stretching as far as he can and then dropping the ball in (he obviously did not do it for the camera :)

Check out the wrist follow through
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Pomona Noltes said...

Nice dribble, Andre! Did you call "bank" on that long shot?

Sveta Miller said...

Are you kidding me? These videos are soooooooooooo awesome! Chase and I watched them like 10 times each!!!!!!!Masha great job on your blog!