Friday, April 3, 2009

Reaching milestones

Andre is potty trained, I guess more so day potty trained, but even then he wakes up wet from the night only about once or twice a week. Andre went from 6 stickers on his potty chart (he gets them for going #2) to now 12 in a week's time (it took him at least a month and a half to earn the six)! We still have accidents, but very rarely. Yipee!

В конце концов, после долгих мучений мамы, я могу всем сообщить что Андрей приучен к горшку. Иногда все еще бывают "случаи", но достаточно редко. Ура!

Yesterday (April 2nd) Harper took his first steps - two of them to be exact. If not for my friend who happened to be looking at him at the time, I probably would have missed it. He must have stood without holding on to anything for about 10 seconds and then took two little steps before lowering himself down. Exciting to see him reach this milestone, but also sad - my cute sweet little Harper will hit terrible twos before I know it.

Вчера Харпер самостоятельно сделал первые два шага!

On the note of firsts, Harper got his first haircut on Tuesday - nothing big, I just cut his little stringy mullet, and even with such a subtle change he looks much older to me.

Он также получил первую стрижку на этой неделе.


PL :) said...

Happy Easter to WHOLE Family! :-)

Pomona Noltes said...

Those are HUGE milestones! And I love the haircut pic. What exciting times for the Johnsons. Hurray for the once a week you can order pizza now that you aren't buying pull-ups anymore.(Hadn't thought of that yet, had you?)