Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harper walking

Pardon the mess, but since my back went out last week I am unable to pick up (without experiencing severe pain) things that get thrown on the floor, so the job is left for Jeff when he gets back from work. This video was taken minutes after he walked in.

Извините за беспорядок, но с тех пор как моя спина полетела, я не могу наклоняться, т.ч. все с пола убирается Джеффом по приходу с работы. На этом видео он только вернулся.

This is Harpers favorite chair - he loves to climb it and also use it as a step to climbing taller objects.
Это любимый стульчик Харпера на который он любит заползать и сидеть, либо использует его как ступеньку для покорения более высоких вершин.


gabby said...

Soooooooooo cute masha!

Pomona Noltes said...

The walking is great...that was a lot of steps...but my favorite parts are seeing his little belly hang out of his shirt, and seeing Andre swoop in at the end of that first video in his undies! Awesome.

gabby said...

He looks sooooooo cute!

The Dials said...

I love when they first start walking! It is so cute.
I love how excited Andre is too after Harper makes it to the couch.
Hope that you guys are doing well!