Sunday, February 1, 2009

Up to no good...I should have known

I know, in your head you are probably saying "What was she thinking?!" - but believe it or not - I checked on the boys only a couple of minutes before I discovered this mess! - then I was busy taking care of calling our insurance agent and trying to mute any outside noises. Though I have to give them credit they were very sneaky about it and quite quiet - first sign of them being up to no good; it's like I knew they were getting into something, but at the same time I wasn't willing to interrupt the seeming calm in the house. When I asked Andre who made the mess, he unwaveringly answered - "Harper made mess!" - my little angel Andre just happened to be a bystander, while Harper got the cans, boxes and the baking mix off of the shelves of our pantry.
Когда я была занята и говорила по телефону с нашим страховым агентом мне очень повезло что детки тихонько играли на кухне. Не тут то было - тишина была подозрительной, но мне она была нужна для разговора. Когда я зашла на кухню и спросила Андрея кто наделал этот беспорядок, Андрей ни на минуту не задумываясь ответил - "Харпер!"

The look or remorse (they are laughing in my face - little stinkers!)
Извини мама... (мои маленькие чертенки)


Contessa Elegante said...

That is so funny! I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one this happens to...and I'm not the only one willing to post stuff like this! That is adorable and so cute!

Misty said...

I hope you made them (Andre) clean it up. That'd take the smile off his face.

Lindsay said...

hahaha! thats hilarious

Maybe I shouldnt laugh till I find Nina doing that herself :)

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Oh what a fun mess to clean up! You are so right though, quietness with children means trouble every time!! What cute messes you have on your hands :)