Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Opening of our beach season

Before all the vomiting problems started - the kids and I went to the beach and had a wonderful time there. One of my favorite things about living in Southern California is the proximity to the beach and almost year-round beach weather. Yesterday the temperatures were in the upper 70's. Though the water was quite chilly, the air was just perfect for sun bathing. Andre loved playing in the sand and running on the brim of the water. Though this wasn't the first time Harper has been brought to the beach, it is the first time he got to sit and play in the sand. He really enjoyed it. It was nice that there were almost no people there and it was super clean - the way Manhattan Beach always is. Anyway, now that we officially opened our beach season, we have to take our trips out to the beach more often.

Во второй половине дня, до того как Анрей начал себя плохо чувствовать, я взяла малых и мы поехали на пляж. Одно из преимуществ жизни в Южной Калифорнии - это близость пляжей и круглогодая погода для похода на пляж. Вчера у нас было в районе 25 градусов Цельсия. Малым очень понравилось дышать свежим воздухом, играть в песке и наблюдать за птицами. Андрей, хотя сначала не хотел идти к воде, потом его от нее не возможно было оттащить - он то и делал что гонялся за волнами. Я считаю этот поход - самым первым настоящим выходом Харпера на пляж и он впервые посидел и поиграл в песке. Вообщем - пляжный сезон - открыт!

We also stayed to watch the sunset
Мы также посидели и посмотрели закат солнца


Scrappycook said...

I can't believe the beach is empty?! Where is everyone?!

Ali Mae said...

I'm so jealous; I can't even tell you. We have some nice beaches here, but right now there are ice fishing huts on the bayside and ice dunes on the Lakeside. I can't even see water that isn't frozen. . . ugh.

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Great beach pictures Masha! Oh how we miss our weekly beach trips. Actually today Vivy had a huge fit b/c she requested we go to the beach and we told her it's too far away. She still doesn't quite get that whole move thing.

Scott and Jeanne Anderson said...

Beautiful sunset. How fun that must be. Elsie wanted to go to Bear lake yesterday, ha HA! Not until May atleast! Enjoy your warm weather! When you guys come up to Idaho land next time you need to call us!