Thursday, December 25, 2008

Time spent with my parents

I had such a fun time while my parents were visiting. We got to do a lot of fun things, not to mention all the extra help I got. (Thanks again :). We were able to introduce them to traditional Thanksgiving meal, since they never happened to be in the U.S. around that time - they really enjoyed the turkey and all the sides, and even decided that it would definitely be worth it coming here every Thanksgiving - I would love it!
The kids and I came along with them to Las Vegas for 3 nights. I knew I wouldn't be able to do a ton of things, or depend on my parents too much - but I really wanted some change as we really never get to leave So Cal. It was also good timing as Jeff was quite busy at work and worked late hours, so he didn't miss out on any quality time with his family anyway (thanks for being such a hard worker). I really wished he was there with us, and felt quite bad that I got to have all of the fun. We (the kids and I) stayed at an awesome suite at the Palazzo. It had 3! plazma TVs- one in the gorgeous bathroom, and two in the room. Andre really like it in the room, especially the night when my parents had a connector suite, so he really got to run around. Beautiful waterfall and Christmas decorations in Palazzo lobby

On the second day I decided to go to a local children's museum - Leid Discovery Center. Andre had a blast there.

We got to make gigantic bubbles...

Pretend to be a grocer...

Mailman... There were many other fun things he got to do, but you can take only so many pictures.

I really loved all the beautiful Christmas decorations all the hotels had. I was able to take some cute pictures of the kids for our Christmas card.

On the last night there I took Andre to see the Bellagio fountains. Andre liked the show so much that we stayed for four - good thing they ran each 15 minutes.

When we returned from Las Vegas, we drove back to Claremont area to do some shopping at Ontario Mills - I love this outlet mall, too bad (or more likely quite good) that we don't live near it anymore. Later that night we went to see the lights in Rancho Cucamonga. There's a close cluster of streets where all the households go all out and decorate beautifully - I have never seen better light displays. There are usually a ton of people there, but we got there a little earlier and managed to avoid the crowds and see all the beautiful decorations. We must have spent at least an hour and a half walking around. It was a bit chilly, but well worth it. Andre loved it and did not want to get in the car in the end, he kept saying "more pretty lights, more santa, more snowman". (in case you ever want to see those or have time in the next few days - it is off 210 freeway, Sapphire exit, main lit street is Thoroughbred)I really wish I would live closer to my parents, as they are so much help and fun. We are planning a trip out to Ukraine in June, and I am very much looking forward to it.

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