Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Preparations

I love Christmas season - everything about it makes me happy. As we stayed in CA this Christmas, we once again got ourselves a beautiful real Christmas tree.

My last year's project was making stockings for our family, and yes - I made a total of 6 just in case, so I wouldn't have to make them again, but just to merely cut out and sew on the name. And I am sure glad I did it, because if I didn't, Harper would probably be stuck with some generic store-bought one this year.
On Saturday we had our ward Christmas party. The highlight was the appearence of Santa (one of our friends from the ward). Harper was curious of this strange looking, white-bearded man. Andre on the other hand was...

TERRIFIED! and here is a video proof of it. He would not get withing 20 feet of Santa.

What is it with kids and Santa? from Masha Johnson on Vimeo.For some reason the embeded video doesn't seem to work at this time, if you cannot view it here, click on 'What is it with kids and Santa link and it will take you to the page where you can view it)

I wonder when will this stage pass? Or will it ever? :)

Andre and I also made some sugar cookies, decorated them and delivered to our neighbors.

Andre (do you notice the new haircut I gave him?) was helpful in every stage of preparation, from using cookie cutters, to 'painting'. Here's the end result:

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