Friday, December 26, 2008


Last Thursday was the last day for passes at Disneyland until mid-January. I decided to go there, I also wanted Andre to see the fireworks (he really hadn't seen any good firework shows, and for the 4th of July fireworks we were so far away, that you wouldn't even be able to discern beteem a plane's flashing lights and fireworks). Though I was completely exhausted by the end of the day (we left the park at 10 pm) it was well worth it.

Andre is still afraid of the oversized characters and decided to sit back in the stroller, merely giving a 'five' to Mickey.

Andre on one of his favorite rides - Toy Story 2. (It's his next favorite after Monster's Inc. which we went on 5 consecutive times - he wanted to do more, but I was done - it also helps that there's virtually no line for the ride). I wish they would have a kid-sized glasses, but he manages.

Another favorite is the carousel. The boys were picked to be the princes of the ride and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Beautifully lit castle right before the firework show. Andre loved the show, and was very disappointed when it was over, he definitely wanted to see more.

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