Friday, November 7, 2008


I am way behind on posting Halloween pictures, but here we go. On the 30th we finally set aside the time to carve our pumpkins. Jeff carved Jack Skellington from "Nightmare before Christmas" and I carved a wolf. Andre was really cute watching us carve. He really wanted to help, but obviously playing with knives was too dangerous, so he took on the role of a cheerleader. He would say: "Good job, Papa!", " You did it!", "Papa, try again!" he then periodically would hang his head at the reminder that he couldn't carve, but quickly would resume the cheering (I have the video, but the uploader is being retarded, I'll see if I can upload it later).

Andre loved the Jack-o-lanterns. He would blow out the candles and the would say - "More punkins, plaese."

We also visited Jeff at work, to show off the kids and see Jeff participate in a pie-eating contest. Look at that blood-thirsty vampire digging into a piece of pie. He did fold under pressure and did not win :)When Jeff came home we went trick- or treating with the boys.
Andre would say "trick-or-treat" way too early - while knocking on the door. And when the door would open he would go straight for the candy.
At one tiem, when the door opened, I sadi to Andre - "What do you say?". Without any pause Andre replied - "I want candy. Give me more candy."

Our cute little elephant

We only trick-or treated on a couple of streets, but we came away with a lot of candy. ( I have to admit that it is a lot nicer when you kid can actually say trick-or-treat, you don't feel as dumb, people know that he will eat at least some of that candy.) Andre was on sugar high for about 3 days - good times!

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Misty said...

I love LOVE the jack-o-lanterns! Very original ideas. Masha, your wolf is gorgeous. You are so talented.