Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Andre's Repertoire

While we were making Halloween decorations (explains the mess on the table) Andre decided he was in a 'performing' mood, hence I am posting quite a few videos. Andre loves to sing and he is good at it. His nursery teachers always compliment him, and say that he is one of the few kids that sing in nursery and that he is great at it.

This first video is of Andre singing a song he made up himself - if you can't understand, he sings "A tiger says roar" and so forth naming as many animals as he can think of. It's interrupted in the middle by him naming colors on the pumpkin decoration. Unfortunatelly, colors are about the only thing he prefers to say in Russian (except color 'pink').

In this one he sings "No one like a frowny face", "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam", "Popcorn", "Itsy-bitsy spider" and "ABCs":

"Once there was a snowman" and "Do as I am doing":

In this one Andre is counting. To count to the teens he usually likes to have something to count, therefore I had to kind of 'push' him. He can count to 14 in English, and to 11 in Russian (skipping 7):


Pomona Noltes said...

Those were great! I love how he has to say "cheese" before he starts singing. My favorite part is in the first video around 1:00 when he gets real theatrical for a second, and then busts out with more of the "monkey" song. Very talented little boy. FUN!

Masha said...

Good job teaching Andre Russian. I have no idea how I am going to teach him that.