Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parents, Birthday, and more fun...

I am loving having my parents here! They are so much help and so much fun! Andre is sure enjoying having them around. He loves to run around with Sasha (my dad and that's what he calls them), put together puzzles, play with his matryoshka (stacking doll), go for walks... the list is endless.

Here's a cute picture of my parents and Harper I took at the mall

My parents brought the traditional Ukrainian clothing - cossack outfit. I think he looks darling in it. Harper also got one (blue and black) but it's a bit too big for him.

I also had my 26th birthday on Tuesday. It was a lot of fun having my parents around for it - it was the first in the last 7 years. We had some good Ukrainian food and my Mom made my favorite cake. We really haven't done much that day, but the festivities will continue on on Friday as we are planning on going to Sea World.

Andre helped me blow out the candles on the cake. (My parents got me those gorgeous roses)
It was also the awesomest birthday in the present department. Here's what I got:
GAP 'So Pink' perfume from Jeff

Willow Tree nativity set from my in-laws (I love it and I am really excited to put it out for Christmas)

Wii!!! My brother and my aunt gave me this one - Thanks so much!

My parents got me Wii Fit and hopefully one day I will be able to proudly say that I lost all my baby weight :) They also got me some clothes, 2 purses, wallet, and are also taking me with them to Las Vegas for 3 days for a change of scenery (since we never really go anywhere:) Thanks so much everyone!!!


Scrappycook said...

Happy Birthday!!! How fun to have your parents in town to celebrate with you!

Maginot said...

I wish I got all of that for my jealous! So glad you are having fun with your parents, tell them we say hi!

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Happy Birthday Masha! Looks like you cashed in with some great gifts! Hope your day was special!