Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Same Old

Nothing new is happening with us. The boys are growing. Harper for the life of him does not want to sleep at night. I have tried everything - keeping him awake until a later time, putting him in a swing, swaddling is out of the picture (the kid hates it!), and every other logical method. He has no pattern of sleep worked out - it varies from day to day- very unpredictable. So if you have any advice on how to make him sleep, I'm all ears - hopefully he'll figure it out before I turn into zombie. On the fun note, Harper is really starting to respond to us, he smiles and 'goo's back.
Andre got into a 'not sharing' phase - it didn't hit him early and I thought maybe he will be a nice boy, sharing with everyone - not so! Yesterday we were at a playgroung, and there was a kid about 2 years older than Andre playing with a basketball. When he was done playing with it he just dropped it in the sand and went to play with some other toys. Andre used this opportunity to get to the ball, and he played with it for quite some time. When the little kid decided he wanted to play with the ball again, he came up to Andre and took it from him. Andre made this mean/upset face and went to hit him, upon realizing that the kid was too fast, he jumped into the sand and grabbed two hands full of sand and threw it at the boy. Luckily he was far enough that it didn't reach him. So yes, we have a bully in the making.

Andre's whiny face

Smiling (I am yet to get a better picture, it just seems that whenever I get the camera he stops doing it on purpose)

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Little Crazies said...

Are you jealous of Emma's bathing suit, Masha? :))) Your boys are adorable! I love Andre's whiny face! And Harper has grown so much, and i hope he starts sleeping for you sometime soon... Emma only slept in our bed, so it was a lifesaver for us at nights...She didn't take naps for her six first months but it's another story... We're doing great by the way! Emma's getting smarter and smarter and it makes me happy cause she stopped being a it's good.