Saturday, June 14, 2008


Last Wednesday my Mom, kids and I went to Disneyland. Initially, we were not going to go since the prices of admission have been climbing, being now at $66 for single park admission (the one-day Hopper is whopping $91)! However the circumstances worked in our favor - I got a free ticket from freecycler. I decided to get a year pass since only 2 visits would cover the price. Anyway, the point is that Andre loved it there and I am excited that I am able to take him back a few more times.
Andre's favorite ride was the carousel - we went on it 4 times - luckily it's the ride with the shortest wait
Teacups was another enjoyable one, upon getting off the ride Andre asked me - "Gde chai?" - which translates to "Where's the tea?"
Our cute little Harper is such a smiley baby
In the second half of the day we decided to go to California Adventures park. There is a part of it it themed after "Bug's Life" - it has a lot of rides fro smaller kids and Andre's favorite - the water playground. He spent about an hour and a half sprinting from one thing to the other. HE HAD A BLAST!

We also found the sea creature carousel, we had to ride it twice!

If it was for Andre he would ride carousels all day long!

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Scrappycook said...

That looks like so much fun! I have never been to Disneyland or Disney World!