Sunday, June 29, 2008

Andre's Birthday - Part 2

On Sunday we had some of our and Andre's friends from church come over and have some cake. It was a blast, though I have to say that next time I will try to do it outside, unless our home is significantly larger - there was no room to step or air to breathe. Andre enjoyed seeing and playing with his friends, especially Allie since he hasn't seen her in months.

My cute birthday boy- I cannot believe he is 2 already. He has turned into a little boy. There are many things he is very good at - he is a very quick learner. He repeats anything you tell him to say, talks in sentences, he can count to ten in both Russian and English (skipping seven, unless you remind him), he knows and can say most words in both languages. Andre loves to sing, his repertoire includes but not limited to Old McDonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABCs, The Wheels on the Bus, Do as I am Doing, Jingle Bells, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, The Wise Man Built His House. He is surprisingly good at carrying a tune and I am able to recognize the song he is singing without him singing the right words to it. Though his Elmo stage was quite long and he still enjoys Sesame Street, he got into Curious George and watches it multiple times a day (thank goodness for DVR!) Another thing Andre loves to do is jump. He does it quite easily and fearlessly (which scares me sometimes). If you thought white men can't jump, wait til' Andre grows up! Andre also loves water and swimming, he loves the beach and playing in the sand. His favorite toys by far are balls, we have many of different shapes and sizes, yet he doesn't fail to notice and ask for one every time we are at the store. He also likes to draw, and usually when asked what he drew, he without hesitation answers and never changes the answer. Ande can be a good big brother when he feels like it and I really enjoy those times, when he tries to find binky and a blankie for Harper when he cries. There are many more things I can write about Andre. He is such a blessing and a joy to our family! We love you Andre!

I made an Elmo cake - it was a carrot cake I made from scratch

Some of the treats for the party

Cream-filled chocolate cupcakes

Petit fours - those took forever to make, but the were quick to eat. If you ever make those, use simpler shapes of the same size :)

Andre loved playing with his friends

Oh how fun!

Birthday cake - yum

Andre opening some of his presents
The truck was a hit - thanks Allie
Checking out new PJs
Andre was overstimulated and tired by the end of the day. Thank you everyone for coming, Andre had a blast!


joni said...

I thought that truck was totally annoying but Allie fell in love with hit as soon as we hit the button to make it make all the sounds. I figured i would let you fight with Andre over it because I was not about to fight with Allie over it in the middle of Target!

Rick, Misty & Piper said...

Sorry Jeff but that sounds like a party to me.

Rick, Misty & Piper said...

Sorry Jeff but that sounds like it was a party to me.