Sunday, June 29, 2008

Andre's Birthday - Part 1

We had to celebrate Andre's birthday a week before his actual birthday (Jeff went to Idaho this weekend to see his brother Ben, who is deploying to Iraq - Ben we will miss you and pray for you). Last Saturday we went to Sea World again - we knew it was going to be a hit for Andre since he loved it so much last time (3 weeks ago :) My Mom paid for Breakfast with Elmo - it was a buffet-style breakfast - food wasn't great, but it wasn't awful either. On the other hand it was very fun to see Sesame Street characters walk around and walk up to every single table and spend time with every kid. I think Andre was a bit thrown off by the sizeof all the monsters, since they are not adult-size on TV, except for Big Bird. He was actually freaked out by all of them, he enjoyed watching them from afar, but as soon as they got close he burst into screams and tears. But then at the end when all the monsters left, he was quite sad and wanted to see them again - go figure this kid!
Andre would not quiet down if he was next to the character
He did a little better when one of us was separating him

What a calm, mellow kid - DON'T LET THE PICTURE FOOL YOU!

Notice how scared he is

This is what happened each time a monster approached :). As Jeff said they should hire Andre and his age/size kids to impersonate the characters, then they would be more true to the size

Harper did great the whole day, the only reason he is crying on this picture is because he was very hungry, but we wanted to take the picture before Elmo left

This is what you get when you ask Andre to smile
While the kiddos were taking their naps (thank goodness simultaneously) Jeff and I got to go on a grown-up ride Journey to the Atlantis. We got to sit in the front row of the boat, ensuring that we would be the wettest out of our boat. (You can't really tell from the picture - but we were both soaked!) Thanks Mom for watching the babies.
In the Bay of Play area the monsters put on a little show on the boat every hour or so

Andre enjoyed it quite a bit

Here are a few pictures from a sea lion show - always entertaining

Walrus is one of Andre's favorite animals
Winding down - what a fun birthday celebration!

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