Saturday, May 3, 2008


So I do not know how I would survive with two kids were my parents not here. They are such great help. Andre loves being with them, he calls them by their first names, which they love (I guess it makes them feel younger, not being called Grandma and Grandpa:). He loves to play with my Dad, as they both run around the house like crazy. I have no idea where my Dad gets that kind of energy, but I am sure I cannot match it once my Dad is gone in 2 weeeks :(. It is also great to have my Mom cook for us - which only gives me the responsibility of caring for the little one. I am one lucky girl.Doing puzzles. Andre loves to put it together with my Dad, he actually got pretty good at it.

My parents take Andre for walks every day
The other day Andre came into our bedroom with crazy bed hair. He also decided he wanted to hold Harper, to my surprise Andre has been (so far) very gently with HarperSince I wasn't too persistent with tummy time for Andre (which probably explains why Andre walked before he crawled), I decided to be better at it with Harper.
Andre giving moral support to Harper during tummy time

"Finally done"
Just a cute picture of Andre

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