Thursday, May 15, 2008

I can't stop myself from taking pictures

There are a few reasons behind this: 1. I love my new camera - to make a long story short - Jeff decided to let Andre play with our old camera - you can figure out the rest :) 2. I feel like I should take as many pictures of Harper as I did of Andre - trying to be fair; 3. I think my boys are pretty cute.Every now and then Andre likes to come and sit/lay really close to Harper, upon which he exclaims "Mom - picture!"
Jeff and I are almost 100% sure Harper will have blue eyes - what happened to more dominant features? how do I get these blond, light-eyed kids?
At Harper's 3 week appointment Harper weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz (that's 12 oz on top of his birth weight) and measured at 21.5 in (grew a whole inch in 3 weeks!) - at this rate we will have a giant :).
Harper is great at holding up his head, he has been since birth (Jeff calls him Mr. Neckstong)
I think he's had enough of tummy time

Andre holding Harper and giving him loves, what a great big brother he is (except for when he doesn't want to hold Harper any longer, then we have to be ready to catch, as he says "All done!" and shoves Harper off of his lap :)


Jeff said...

He wasn't playing with the camera, he was taking actual pictures. He only broke it because he fell down with it. Could've happened to any of us.

Brian & Monica said...

Hey, I called you, but I only had your old number. I was sad. But we will come again bc I loved it and I miss you.

Brian & Monica said...
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Brian & Monica said...

Thanks, I changed my settings, I think that will help.